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Be An Individual

Be an individual. Do not compromise your individuality, authenticity, sovereignty, authority, and freedom – not for religion, politics, money, companionship, marriage, class, status, or belonging. […]

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Emancipate Yourself From Your Programming

The unconscious human being can be compared to a machine, more precisely a machine like a computer that is programmed to react according to the […]

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A New Consciousness of Love and Light 1
A New Consciousness of Love and Light

We have completed over two decades of the twenty-first century, but as we look around us we see the astounding advances in technology, science, medicine, […]

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be with what is
Be With What Is

Be with this moment. Enjoy this moment. Live in this moment. Celebrate this moment. Surrender to this moment. Do not regret or ponder past moments, […]

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Discord the old – Step into the new

Welcome to the new year. A new year is a perfect time to remember who we are and to create consistency with our real self. […]

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Happy New Year Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever
Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever

Thank you all for your love, support and grace through 2022. I am very grateful and blessed that our paths have crossed and that we […]

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