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The Slavery Trap

Get a good education, then a good job, then a good mortgage, then a good marriage, then a good child, then good education for the […]

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Private Property

We have all been inculcated into a paradigm of private property and isolated nuclear families. These two concepts have been at the heart of our […]

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Freedom is Choice-less Awareness

Ordinarily, when we talk about freedom we mean freedom from something, freedom for something, or the freedom to choose something. Freedom from, for, or to […]

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Initial Struggle

Initially, we have to go through tremendous struggle to escape the prison in which we find ourselves. The struggle is equivalent to a rocket leaving […]

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Love your Body

Ordinarily we pay little attention to our bodies. We go through life feeding it whatever our culture, parent, and society program us to eat. We […]

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Facebook 3

We all come into the world absolutely unwritten. We enter into the world as an open potentiality, a multidimensional potentiality. We have to write our […]

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