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We are a world leader in personal and corporate transformational education

The programs of GIFTE focus on raising your vibration by getting to the core of our human beliefs, paradigms, consciousness and culture that keeps us stuck in a state of shame, guilt and fear. Many of us on the planet are ready to make a vibrational shift towards courage, acceptance, trust, love, peace and serenity and participants in our programs experience a quantum leap in their ability to make the necessary changes to emerge as victors of their own lives so that they can operate at a very high level of power, passion, purpose, peace and prosperity.

The work of GIFTE started in 2006 and has impacted the lives of thousands of people worldwide through our programs and products. We currently offer our programs in the Caribbean, North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. GIFTE was founded by Courtney Kazembe, Author, transformational Coach and Lawyer. Our HeadQuarters is in Kingston, Jamaica.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a global community of highly evolved and enlightened beings committed to raising the vibrational frequency of planet earth.

Our Mission

We are committed to transforming the lives of millions of people by training thousands of beings who are ready to share our teachings and their soul as a gift to the world through our various programs and community offerings.

Courtney Kazembe • Founder / Chairman

Spiritual teacher, author, and transformation coach

Courtney Kazembe is a man of many talents. He began his journey by distinguishing himself as a renowned lawyer with 27 years of experience, becoming the founder of Kazembe Law. Currently, Courtney, alongside Kazembe Law, operates within the jurisdiction of numerous countries.

However, his work did not stop there. Courtney began to share his knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and real-life stories with people around the world and brings to people a unique, powerful, and authentic approach to lessons surrounding human evolution, personal development, transformation, and enlightenment. It is through this effort that Courtney founded GIFTE, the Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation, and Enlightenment, becoming its visionary founder and leader.

He is also the author of Authentic Power as well as the Gift of Love, two of the best-selling training and improvement strategy books. However, ultimately Courtney is a world-renowned leader in the area of improving peak performance through transformative and human empowerment.

CEOs from around the globe turn to him for advice and counsel. He is known for his dynamic, results-oriented, inspiring, and practical presentations. His legacy is represented through the Kazembe Foundation, which was rebranded in 2021 to include Corey’s Resiliency - an initiative held close to the heart of his wife, Annika Kazembe. 

Through the work of the Kazembe Foundation, Courtney strives to continue encouraging individuals to have self-belief and to assist in providing opportunities that inspire them to take on an empowered role in their lives and in their communities.

Annika Kazembe • Chief Executive Officer

Annika Kazembe has over 20 years of experience leading successful organizations, to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), at the Global Institute for Freedom Transformation and Enlightenment, GIFTE. She is also the Vice Chair and Executive Director of The Kazembe Foundation.

Annika is the founder of an award-winning health care agency, childcare, and learning center, and a virtual academy in the United States, namely Tender Loving Family Care, Inc.; TLFC Child Care and Learning Center; and TLC Virtual Academy, Inc. She also co-founded TLC Virtual Resiliency with her colleague and partner Dr. Robert Goldman, who is a clinical psychologist and an attorney at law.

She is very proud of her accomplishments. However, Annika states that she is most proud of the opportunity she has to touch lives as Vice Chair and Executive Director at  The Kazembe Foundation, which was rebranded in 2021 to include a mental health initiative, Corey’s Resiliency. This initiative is near and dear to her heart. Corey’s Resiliency aims to educate, support and provide advocacy for families of individuals who suffer from mental health challenges and have had contact with the criminal justice system or are at risk thereof.  

In alignment with the vision of her husband Courtney Kazembe, founder of GIFTE and The Kazembe Foundation, her vision of a system where Black, Latiné, Indigenous, and other youth of color have the freedom and power to live their full lives.

Annika uses her resources, policy advocacy, peer education, and other tools to build power and opportunity for Black, Latiné, and other youth of color. 

For hire

GIFTE is always looking for qualified candidates to add to our growing team.

Our mission is to create and deliver a uniquely integrative, evidence-based, virtual resiliency program that will support professionals to survive and thrive in the extreme and accelerating stress of today’s workplace environment, so that they are inspired to continue to do what they do best—help other people.

Travel and Nature Videographer

GIFTE is looking to collaborate with freelance videographers to create high-quality and engaging short virtual nature and travel tours for the GIFTE user dashboard. Successful […]

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Cooking instructor
Nutrition and Cooking Instructor / Videographer

GIFTE is looking to collaborate with freelance videographers/healthy cooking and/or nutrition experts to create high-quality, engaging, and educational videos on healthy cooking and eating for […]

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Breathing Technique Instructor / Videographer

GIFTE is looking to collaborate with freelance videographers to create high-quality and engaging breathing technique videos for the GIFTE user dashboard. Successful contractors will be […]

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Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor / Videographer

GIFTE is looking to collaborate with freelance videographers/meditation experts to create high-quality and engaging meditation and mindfulness videos/audio recordings for the GIFTE user dashboard. Successful […]

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Yoga Instructor
Fitness and Yoga Instructor / Videographer

GIFTE is looking to collaborate with fitness and yoga instructors who can create high-quality, engaging, and educational video content for the GIFTE user dashboard. Successful […]

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Virtual Assistant
Virtual Community Assistant

GIFTE is seeking a Virtual Community Assistant (VCA) who is passionate about helping others step into their freedom, transformation, and enlightenment in their lives. VCA’s […]

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