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Courtney Kazembe
Courtney Kazembe • Founder / Chairman

Spiritual teacher, author, and transformation coach

Courtney is the visionary founder and leader of “The Global Institute for Transformation & Enlightenment (GIFTE).” He has shared his knowledge, expertise and real-life stories with people around the world and brings to them a unique, powerful and authentic approach to human evolution, transformation, and enlightenment. He is the author of Authentic Power and the Gift of Love, best selling training and improvement strategy books and founder of MyGIFTE. He’s a world renowned leader in the area of improving peak performance through transformative and human empowerment.

CEOs from around the globe turn to him for advice and counsel. He is known for his dynamic, results oriented, inspiring and practical presentations. In addition, he’s had a distinguished career as a litigation attorney in Canada and Jamaica.

Awakening to You!


We will work together for 4-hours (face:face, phone call or on Zoom) to become aware of your thinking patterns, identify where you are on the frequency scale, and address what is blocking you from awakening and stepping to your highest version accessible to you at this time.

This is an introductory package. This is for you if you want to give coaching a try or if you have a specific issue you need to iron out.

The aim of this package is help you become aware of where you on a frequency level so you can begin to clear out your limiting thoughts and beliefs so that you feel re-energised and focused to make the necessary changes to live your fruitful, abundant, divine life.

Your Commitment:

  • 4 HOURS spread over 2 weeks - 1 month

  • 2-hour initial session

  • 2 x 1-hour follow up sessions

*This package can also be taken as a half-day intensive

Awakening to Your Inner Warrior Intensive


We will work together for 10 hours (face:face, phone call or zoom) to awaken the inner warrior. This package is designed to step into your most bad-ass version of yourself so you can tackle any challenge head on with courage. We will identify where you are on the scale of frequency and provide practices to get you up stepping into the holy fire of courage.

This is a really popular package for busy people who want to make major changes in a short period of time. The aim of this package is to unhook you from everything that’s holding you back and help you decide exactly what you want to step into in this present moment to create ripples of authenticity, truth and abundance on your journey.

Your Commitment:

  • 10 HOURS spread over 1 - 2 months

  • 2-hour initial session

  • 2 x 2-intensive one-on-one workshops

  • 4 x 1 hour follow up sessions

*This package can also be taken as 2 half-day intensives

Awakening to Your Open Heart Intensive


If you’re serious about shifting all dimensions of your life, stepping into courage, forgiveness and an open heart to become your highest, most divine and authentic self then this is the package for you.

Waking up to your open heart allows you to experience who you really are and the essence of your being. In this one-on-one intensive we will explore stepping into the higher frequencies of acceptance, trust, forgiveness, and love. With an open heart, we can transform, purify, harmonise your life to manifest miracles and heal your wounds.

We start with a half day (3-hour) face:face coaching session (Phone call, Face:Face or zoom) with me either here in Bath (or I can travel to London to meet you) and then follow up with 7 additional one-hour sessions (on Skype or face:face in Bath) to really help you nail your goals and move beyond your limiting thinking.

Your Commitment:

  • 20 HOURS spread over 3-4 months

  • 3-hour initial session

  • 3 x 3-intensive one-on-one workshops

  • 2 x 2 hour follow up sessions

  • 4 x 1 hour follow up sessions

  • 1 Breathwork session

  • 1 Q&A session

*This package can also be taken as 4 half-day intensives

*This package comes with optional email support in between sessions, free unlimited access to my online courses and a copy of my book, "The Gift of Love"

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