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Physical Freedom

Most of us are familiar with this. It was just over two hundred and fifty years ago that slavery existed in the United States and […]

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Intimacy is a tool given to us to help us come to love and unity. The etymology of “intimacy” is Latin – from the word […]

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Happiness Here and Now
Happiness – Here and Now

Ever since I can remember I have been concerned with what this is all about? Can one actually attain happiness in any sustainable way on […]

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The Clearing for a Liberated Life by Antoinette Cooper

I have a confession. I have a habit of opening up browsers on my phone, tablet, and computer. I gather information incessantly and I rarely […]

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Our Spiritual Aspect

Our spirit is that immaterial aspect of our being; it is our essence and vital power. Spirit is derived from the Latin word spiritus, which […]

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What exactly is love and how do we achieve it?

As I reflect on this question, it is interesting to note that I have to ask this question and even more noteworthy is the fact […]

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