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The Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation and Enlightenment (GIFTE)

World leaders in personal and corporate transformation education.

Who We Are
Who We Are

A global community of highly evolved and enlightened beings committed to raising the vibrational frequency of planet earth

Our live and virtual products and events impact the lives of all humans who are willing to take the steps to shift and evolve to their highest version of themselves.

Our events and products focus on the transformation of the human experience to the dimensions of holistic health and wellness, courage, love, peace, prosperity and harmony.

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The Slavery Trap

Get a good education, then a good job, then a good mortgage, then a good marriage, then a good child, then good education for the […]

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Private Property

We have all been inculcated into a paradigm of private property and isolated nuclear families. These two concepts have been at the heart of our […]

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Freedom is Choice-less Awareness

Ordinarily, when we talk about freedom we mean freedom from something, freedom for something, or the freedom to choose something. Freedom from, for, or to […]

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YESS - Youth Empowerment & Success Seminar

The YESS program is an extra-ordinary life transforming experience for young people. In this program, youths look at their lives in ways that leave them confident, empowered and responsible. They leave the program with a heightened awareness of their beauty and power and the courage to be themselves.

The objective of the program is to develop self-confidence, will power, leadership skills and patriotism in youth so that they can make their lives not only good but also useful. 


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These are our upcoming events

The Awakening (December)

Are you asking yourself these questions? Who am I? Who am I being? Know thyself! […]

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Ultimate Yawanawa Retreat 2023

Join us on this sacred journey of connection and healing with the use of Yawanawa medicines, celebrations, dances, games and self-knowledge in the heart of the Amazon starting from April 21- May 2,  2023.

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The Awakening (January 2023)

Are you willing to enter an inquiry into what you call yourself? Join us for […]

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Play with Courtney Kazembe

Awakening to You!
Become aware of your thinking patterns, identify where you are on the frequency scale, and address what is blocking you from awakening.
Awakening to Your Inner Warrior Intensive
Step into your most bad-ass version of yourself so you can tackle any challenge head on with courage.
Awakening to Your Open Heart Intensive
Shift all dimensions of your life, stepping into courage, forgiveness and an open heart to become your highest, most divine and authentic self.

Take a look at what our community and corporate members are saying

I took the Awakening Course via Zoom in the summer of 2020. In the midst of all of the chaos that was taking place in the world, I was able to find a medium where I could bond with like minded people. I came out of it with a greater understanding of how to deal with my emotions, in addition to having a deeper appreciation for being a balanced human being by practicing meditation, alleviating toxic thoughts and eating more live foods.

Alan D.

We required a world-class speaker to kick off this very special event and you more than delivered on all counts. From the moment we first contacted you to the moment you left the platform, you demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and commitment and we could not have made a better choice in engaging your services.

Leighton Mcknight, Partner, PwC

You captured the entire audience’s attention and held them spell bound. Your ability to connect with audiences of all ages, social and educational strata was real magic in the room. Many of the attendees have mentioned to me that they have committed themselves to living a better life thanks to your words.

Bernice Carnegie, Executive Director Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation

I’ve taken many self-development classes over two decades, being a self-help junkie. The Awakening and The Clearing are two of the most profound courses I’ve experienced to make the practical life and business changes that were eluding me earlier. Really effective and well worth your investment.

Elise Krentzel, CEO Kumi Consulting & Co. New York, NY, USA
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