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True surrender is a characteristic of highly evolved beings. It aligns itself with source energy and responsibly opens itself to the unknown. Ego, on the […]

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Drop Your Mind, Open Your Heart

We have all been taught to value the mind. From the moment we were born, people have been teaching us all types of stuff. This […]

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Judge Not!

Ordinarily, we judge everything that happens in our lives and label it as good or bad. The awakened person allows whatever happens to happen without […]

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7. Act Dont React
Act, Don’t React

Ordinarily, we do not act we react. The reaction is just the way the mind is programmed. With reaction you are predictable – you are […]

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2. Truth

Truth cannot be found in a book – no matter the book or who is alleged to have written it – be it Bible, Quran, […]

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Existence is Divine

The whole of existence is divine. Start loving everyone and everything if you want to love God. Each particular manifestation can be a window to […]

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