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What does it mean to love yourself?

Most of us will agree that it is very important to love ourselves. In fact it should be very clear to all of us that […]

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Physical Freedom

Most of us are familiar with this. It was just over two hundred and fifty years ago that slavery existed in the United States and […]

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Happiness Here and Now
Happiness – Here and Now

Ever since I can remember I have been concerned with what this is all about? Can one actually attain happiness in any sustainable way on […]

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The Clearing for a Liberated Life by Antoinette Cooper

I have a confession. I have a habit of opening up browsers on my phone, tablet, and computer. I gather information incessantly and I rarely […]

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What is Witnessing?

Most of us go through our lives on automatic – never noticing, observing, watching or witnessing what we are doing. The first step towards transformation, […]

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Our Spiritual Aspect

Our spirit is that immaterial aspect of our being; it is our essence and vital power. Spirit is derived from the Latin word spiritus, which […]

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