The Clearing – Experience the Ultimate in Freedom.

Background: After completing the Awakening, you know that ultimately you are responsible for everything in your life. You are awake to possibilities. You are in touch with your authentic higherself and constantly seek authentic self expression. Before the Awakening you could hide behind your slumber. Now you cannot hide from yourself. You are acutely aware of every move you make that is not aligned with your authenticity. You know that your past impacts your present. Your past is still there.

Inside of you still resides the vestiges, images, scars, hurts, of your past. You need to clear the past completely to live your most authentic life. Your past is clearly the prison that you have to break through. After trying on your own you eventually recognises that the gate keepers of this prison is not only inside of you. It occurs as if society itself wants you to remain where you are. The question then becomes, how do I be my authentic self in a world that wants me to be who they always knew?

The Clearing!

Purpose: Ultimately the power to live your most authentic life resides only inside of you. To touch that power requires us to revisit and reframe our past.The Clearing is a 5-day process designed to clear you of all past hurts, pains, fears, negativities, traumas and limitations that clouds your life. You go through an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical clearing. You get rid of the vestiges that have been holding you back/down. It will leave you with the space to live your life powerfully, authentically and purposefully.

The most common results participants talk about are;

  1. A profound sense of freedom:  An abiding sovereignty to stand on your own and create the life you choose – with 100% Responsibility and Accountability – no blames, no complains. “This is my life! This is my creation!”
  2. Unconditional Love: Love the way the sun loves – unconditionally giving it’s light and love to everyone and everything without regard to who, when, where or what. Your love becomes your gifts to everyone and everything.
  3. Release of all emotional charges/baggage: The ability to be with and deal with all the world has to offer and still remain grounded in your authentic self. The ability to release all fear and negativity and stand boldly in courage and integrity.
  4. Peace and Joy in every moment of your life: Finally experience what the Psalmist meant when he said “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil….” No matter what’s happening in the world – I remain balance and at peace.
  5. Create deliberately and consciously the life you love: A power to create with a profound sense of purpose and focus.

Who is this program for?
The Clearing is designed for persons who are living at a high level of personal integrity and courage. It is a rigorous and demanding course. Only applicants operating at or around 200 on the scale of consciousness will be allowed to participate in this program.
This program is for people who;

  • Want to be free and powerful in their daily life.
  • Want to live a full life
  • Want to generate the audacity, and capacity to pursue their passion with vigour and power.
  • Want to live life at 100%

Program Outline:

Day 1:

  • What is the Clearing: ( Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Clearing)
  • Facing Fear & Suffering – Access to Joy & Love
  • Integrity – The Rock
  • Movie # 1 – Reframing Your Past*

Day 2:

  • Dynamic Meditation
  • I AM & the Mind – Recapping the Awakening
  • Your greatest fear/hurt – Breakthrough to Courage
  • Anger – Breakthrough to Forgiveness
  • Movie # 2:  Religion & Sex?*
  • Game # 1:   Winning – The We or Them Game

Day 3:

  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Distinguish your BS – Facing the worst of you
  • Victim Exercise – Facing the worst of you
  • Judgement – Breakthrough to Oneness
  • Rejection – Fighting For Your Life
  • Alchemy Workshop
  • Movie # 2 – Where is hell?*
  • Game # 2:  The life in your hands.

Day 4:

  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Being With Exercise
  • Parents – Releasing your parents.
  • Judgement – Breakthrough to Oneness
  • I Stand – Finding Your Own backbone
  • Sacred Sexuality – Demystifying Sex, Love & Intimacy
  • Overcoming Religion – Breakthrough to spiritual authenticity.
  • Freedom – The Rebellion to Be You
  • Movie # 3:  Who/What Controls the World*

Day 5:

  • Up in Flames – Burning it all away
  • By the River – Completing the Clearing

This is not the name of the movies to be shown. It is a place to watch the movies from.


  • The program is five (5) days. Day 1 starts at 6:00 PM and end by midnight. Days 2, 3 and 4 start at 6:00 AM and ends when we end. Day 5 starts at 6:00 AM and end by 4:00 PM.
  • This is a residential program. Participants stay on site for the 5 days. All meals are provided by GIFTE.
  • The clearing is a deeper exploration of the psychological, emotional and spiritual bodies. We engage is a unique dialogue, which gets to the source of the deeply hidden hurts, shames, and anger of our past. A series of physical, verbal, and writing exercises, coupled with the watching and discussions around specific movies and an eating program designed to clean the body, creates the phenomenal results of the clearing.   The course is a fully residential program, allowing the participants the rare opportunity to be with and work on themselves for 5 days. The environment is designed to facilitate the freedom for the most in depth exploration of yourself and past. GIFTE provides and prepares wholesome, macrobiotic meals, which themselves enhance the clearing process.