The Awakening is about connecting with the powers within.  
It is this gift in you that allows you to triumph over or transcend every difficulty, challenge, obstacles or circumstance. This quality in you is being restrained by the life training you received, your own “successes and failures” and your fears. In all areas of life there are limits on what you see as possible.  Look deeply and you will notice there are limits on how much you will love, how much you will give, how much you will trust, how much you will play, how much you will laugh, how much you will lose, how much you will earn, how much you will risk, and who you can really be. While these limits keep you “safe”, they are limits non-the less and they are costing you the experiences you yearn for. In the Awakening you connect to the energy, vitality, creativity and resourcefulness that was available in your childhood.

The Awakening is about seeing who you really are.
Wherever you are in life is dictated by your “understanding” of who you are. Who are you? Who are you really? You identify yourself AS your body, mind, profession, financial status, possessions, religion, gender, race, etc. Actually you HAVE a body, a mind, a profession, a financial status; possessions, a religious preference, a nation of birth, gender, age, etc. You are only the sum of what you have when you collapse the two. You are not what you have/don’t have or your labels. By believing you are what you have, you massively limit your true self. You are beyond what you have. You are more than all you possess. The Awakening is about discovering “Who am I” as distinct from my labels, and possessions.

The Awakening is about distinguishing your “spiritual essence”.
The Awakening is about opening your heart. Do you remember when you were really in love with a man, woman, job, or idea? Then the world was a different place. Love opened your creativity. Love expanded possibilities. Love emboldened and fortified you. But you don’t really love anymore. Love is dangerous. Love requires openness. Love requires vulnerability. Love requires courage. You have been hurt. You have experienced pain attributable to “love unfulfilled”. Your expectations in love have not been met. Like all human beings you have chosen to “limit” your love. You will really love again when it is safe to love. To protect yourself you have closed down your heart. Now you are all MIND. You calculate everything. In your attempt to keep hurt away, you have locked out love, passion, aliveness, joy, creativity, fun, etc. The Awakening is about the courage to love. It is about first loving, trusting, accepting, and forgiving yourself. It is about opening your heart and allowing you and the world to receive your gift of love and light.

The Awakening is about taking charge of your life.
Did you choose your career or was it your teacher’s idea? Did you choose your marriage or was it your church’s dictate? Did you choose your home security system or did the thieves force you? Did you choose your religion or was it your parents? Your happiness, satisfaction and peace are aligned to the freedom of your choices. You have not been free to choose. Almost all the choices you have made have been made by “the programs” you have inherited from your parents, guardians, school, religion etc. Some programming is necessary and unavoidable. You would not have survived childhood without learning the communication program called English. What you eat, what you wear, who you worship, who you marry, where you live, your career, your health, have all been decided on by your programs. Now you can choose for you. The Awakening is about resurrecting your conscious mind and standing on your own feet. Your conscious choices may be exactly the same as your programmed decisions. The key difference is that authenticity and conscious choices create a quantum leap in your commitment, resolve, happiness and peace. Blame and victimhood will be replaced by responsibility and courage.

The Awakening is about living in this moment.
When was the last time you were fully present? When you are working are you fully at work? When you are making love is your body, mind and heart fully in it? When your children/spouse is talking are they competing with the conversation in your mind? So much of your time is spent in the past and the future that you rarely experience the magic of the present moment. Your life is so framed by your past that you don’t see anything new. You relate to your lover, parents, children, friends, associates, job, self, not as they are right now but as they were in the past. You replace the perfection of this moment with your worry or hope of the past or future. Opportunities, love, peace, happiness, aliveness is only available in the present moment. In the awakening you learn to live in the moment. In the awakening you get to experience NOW as the appointed time.

The Awakening is about making the unpredictable possible.
Your future is predictable, almost certain. If you operate in the same context, with the same beliefs and assumptions about life, next year and the next twenty years after that will look just like this year is and the last few years were. There may be changes, but nothing major. This will absolutely be the case if you remain asleep, if you do not distinguish the context, paradigms and assumptions on which your current life and results are built. In the Awakening you will create new futures as you understand the power and nature of context, and learn to create the paradigms to allow the future that you really want. No longer will you stumble upon tomorrow. You will deliberately create tomorrow.

A Transformational Conversation: The Awakening is a life transforming experience where get to experience your authentic self. You see in a profound way, how you have designed your current reality and the power you have to deliberately create a life you love. In the Awakening you turn the light on in your life.In the awakening you find the courage it takes to be authentic. You fall in love with yourself. You open your heart to love and for the first time in years or decades, you will experience love without attachments or conditions. You will taste true freedom and power. You will re-establish your divine authority over your mind, your body and your creations. You will recognize exactly what it takes and who you need to be, to live this way each day. The Awakening cuts through the baggage which stifles your power, divinity and magic. You discover your true essence and power. You recognize that you are much larger than your past, your circumstances, your body and your mind. You break through the barriers that limit your fulfillment and joy. You resolve issues of trust and love. You begin to take charge of your life. The Awakening is the Courage Course.