GIFTE Course Summaries

A. Gift of Prosperity  – Call us today!

“In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty” – Bob Marley
In this fun, inspiring and thought provoking 2-hour experience you will discover the gifts of prosperity that abounds in and around you always.
You will be:

  1. Introduced to the fundamental principles of prosperity and abundance.
  2. Able to identify the hidden cause of scarcity, struggle and fear.
  3. Introduced to the 3 steps to manifesting anything you want.
  4. Learn 3 practices to becoming a money magnet.
  5. Receive a US$100 gift.

B. Wake Up to Your Prosperity

“If you are committed to being and living a prosperous life you MUST study and practice prosperity”.
This is a powerful 2-day learning experience designed to teach participants how to master their creative gift, align themselves with the abundant flow of good, and embrace the principles and practices necessary for financial freedom.
You will:

  • Identify and unlearn the beliefs and patterns that push prosperity away.
  • Understand your connection to the creative power and your role in the creative process.
  • Learn the 3 fundamental steps to manifesting anything you desire.
  • Learn 5 universal laws of prosperity and how to align with them daily.
  • Learn the 7 principles for creating, attracting, growing and protecting money.
  • Create a framework for your financial freedom within 15 years.

C. The Awakening

“Most of us are living lives of quiet desperation”
The Awakening is an extra-ordinary life transforming 2-day experience about coming into awareness or consciousness of who you really are. You awaken to how you have designed your existing life and the power you have to deliberately recreate a life of confidence, success, prosperity, power and love. It turns a light on inside of you and gives you a deeper look at your true self, your divinity.
You will:

  1. Achieve a state of peace, love and unity within yourself and for others.
  2. Experience extraordinary improvements in your intimate and other relationships.
  3. Feel more secure about their ability to direct your own life.
  4. Have clarity around your life purpose.
  5. Find the courage to face whatever life throws at you.
  6. Discover the audacity to be who you really are.

D. The Clearing

The Clearing is a 5-day process designed to clear you of all past hurts, pains, fears, negativities, traumas and limitations that clouds your life, chokes your success and stifles your freedom. It will leave you with the space to live your life powerfully, authentically and purposefully. You create the space for your authentic life, the real you, to emerge.
You will:

  1. Experience a profound sense of freedom, an abiding sovereignty to stand and create your life.
  2. Finally experience Unconditional Love
  3. Release all emotional charges/hooks:
  4. Have Peace and Joy in every moment of your life; No matter what’s happening in the world.
  5. Create deliberately and consciously the life you love.