Building High Performance People and Teams

The Goal
To build a team of confident, competent individuals committed to quality work and excellent customer service.

The Challenge
Most people want to do their best and work as a team but they often don’t know how. Teamwork requires shared values, shared objectives and a common language. For people to perform well they need education, inspiration and motivation. This program provides all three.

The Process
This fast-moving, two day immersion seminar gives each person a series of practical tools that can be applied immediately to get better results. It develops common goals and a common frame of reference for better communication and immediate performance improvement.

The Results
Participants emerge with a greater sense of confidence, accountability and commitment to working together to getting the job done. They develop greater integrity, commitment and loyalty to the company and to each other.

The Benefits

  • More energy and enthusiasm.
  • Better focus and concentration.
  • Higher sense of responsibility.
  • Greater commitment to quality and customer service.
  • More effective communications.
  • Self-esteem and personal pride.

The Trainer

Courtney A. Kazembe is a leader in the techniques of leadership, transformational technology, human development and empowerment training. His presentations are high energy, motivational, with unusually high content. The results are impressive, and in all cases, produce bottom-line results. Courtney’s presentations motivate people, increase productivity and sales volume as well as enrich and enlighten.