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Most of us are familiar with this. It was just over two hundred and fifty years ago that slavery existed in the United States and other countries. Slavery has existed all over the world and in many places women are still treated as slave or property of men. In India more than half of their population of over six hundred million people live in physical slavery. They are illiterate and many do not go to school. You are not even allowed to touch them or to walk in their shadow.

Historically in most world religions including Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, women were not even considered to have a soul and were there mainly as baby making machines and for the pleasure of men. Historically in China a man could kill his wife without any sanction, as she was his property and he could do with his property as he likes – no crime committed. In Indian language the woman is actually called “property.” Women in many societies and religions are still considered as property. Now, most of us in the West are pretty convinced that physical slavery is no longer allowed. Yet in many ways most of us are still not physically free.

In the domain of health many of us are not free from sickness and dis-ease. We don’t practice proper care for the body and do not understand the principle of making our food our medicine and our medicine our food. We still run to the doctors who specialize in dis-eases and illness rather than taking the time to discover how to properly care for our bodies ourselves.

Most of us are still not financially free. We work for an entire lifetime and still do not discover financial freedom. Many of us still work from “hand to mouth.” We rely on governments, social security, our children etc. for our financial well-being. In so many areas of our lives we are still living in physical slavery. What is the cause of all this madness?

The way out of physical slavery is to take 100 percent responsibility for your personal, physical, material and financial wellbeing. It means that you have to become self sufficient in every physical, material and financial way possible. The only way someone can exploit you is if you want something from them. As long as you want nothing from no one – no one can exploit you. No one can enslave you or exploit you without your permission.

When you are awake and take 100% responsibility for your personal, physical and financial well-being you become physically free. Until we are physically free there is little or no hope for us to venture into the higher realm of emotional, mental and spiritual freedom.

“The Gift of Prosperity” is GIFTE’s first course that teaches you how to eradicate physical slavery from your life.

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Courtney Kazembe

Courtney Kazembe is a spiritual teacher and transformation coach. He is the visionary founder and leader of “The Global Institute for Transformation & Enlightenment (GIFTE).” He has shared his knowledge, expertise and real-life stories with people around the world and brings to them a unique, powerful and authentic approach to human evolution, transformation, and enlightenment.

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