Personal Transformation Programs: Designed to have you gain mastery over your life and world. You pursue you goals and dreams with passion, power, authenticity, freedom and joy. Our core personal transformation programs include:

    “WOW’ it was a remarkable and amazing weekend. It may sound impossible but those two days has totally transformed my life. I am now awake and enlightened. It has helped me to find myself, that power that was hidden within. I have found happiness, love, warmth and forgiveness. I find myself hugging persons I would not usually hug and telling them how much I love them and I really mean it. I love my children even more. I felt so good when my son asked “Mummy what is going on with you. How are you so happy these days?” The relationship between my husband and I has improved tremendously. It can only get better and better. Every chance we get we play the GIFTE CD and dance to the inspirational songs. We can feel the positive energy between us. I now feel more confident within myself and no longer am afraid to do whatever I want to do or to face the challenges in my life. I am now living in a new world and I choose to continue to accept myself for who I am and to love myself and the people around me. Thanks to my husband for insisted that I go with him. I thank Courtney for his vision to form such an incredible organization. – Dorothy Daniels

    Before finding GIFTE I somehow just knew that there was much more to learn about life and living. A deep thinker, I was always searching but had not found the help or knowledge that together fitted my own need to understand and accept me. I always complained, blamed and found fault with myself but at the same time worried about divinity. I then found GIFTE, an opportune divine intervention of knowledge about the natural order of things. I now am accepting me, loving me, facing my fears, forgiving other, giving love and feeling wiser and closer to God. I am so much more serene and at peace. Thank you GIFTE! – Claudette Martin

    “Like a bolt of lightning, my life purpose struck during The Awakening. I now recognize and accept my purpose of being a bringer of Sunshine to all. I have developed the ability to trust with no preconditions. My life is simply beautiful”.   – Marguerite Orane, Author & Facilitator

    “Before the Awakening I was fearful, miserable and unhappy most of the times.  But now I laugh. I wish and aspire. I am optimistic. I sleep well. I have forgiven and love now shines in my life. I see my bright future and for the first time I know what freedom feel like. It’s a beautiful way to live.” – Christine Ryan, Business Owner.

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