Nonattachment is one of the most important spiritual principles we must learn at this level of our evolutionary journey. The reason for this is that because of fear and separation the ego clings to external objects for identification and a sense of importance. We then develop the false belief that these external identities are synonymous with the self. We therefore cling to these objects (people, possessions, entitlement etc) for dear life. This denies us of lasting peace and happiness. What is the way out?

    If we desire lasting peace and happiness so badly, why don’t we attempt to understand our false beliefs? Because we don’t see them as false or even as beliefs in the first place, rather we see them as facts and reality. Second, we are scared to lose the only world we know: the world of family, job, social status, desires, attachments, fears, social pressures, tension, stress, ambitions, worries, guilt with brief flashes of pleasure and relief that these things bring. It is like someone who is afraid to wakeup from a nightmare, because after all, that is the only thing he knows. That is how most of us live.

    If we desire lasting peace and happiness we must be willing to wakeup from our nightmare. This means being ready to detach from your job, your house, your mother, your father, your children, your spouse, even your own life and to take leave of all your possessions.

    Yes! That is the requirement for lasting peace and happiness. Yet this cannot be done by denouncing them or aggressively giving them up. Because what you give up violently, you are forever bound to.

    Rather, we must see them for the nightmare they are and then whether you keep them or not, they would have lost their grip on you and their power to hurt you and you would be out of your nightmare forever, out of your darkness, your fear and your unhappiness.

    So spend some time seeing each of the things you cling to for what they really are; a nightmare that causes you fleeting excitement and pleasure on the one hand but also fear, worry, insecurity, tension, anxiety, unhappiness on the other.

    Every single thing you cling to is a nightmare – family, parent, spouse, friends and children: Nightmare! Job, house, money and all your possessions: Nightmare! Your life: Nightmare! Every single thing that you have convinced yourself that you can’t do without: Nightmare! When you really see this you will detach from them all and will be able to take leave of them all; you will stop clinging to them and you will have destroyed their capacity to hurt you.

    Only then will you experience the abiding state of lasting peace and happiness.

    With Love

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