kitCourtney Kazembe is a world leader in transformational leadership, peak performance and human empowerment.

Courtney Kazembe is the author of two best selling books namely Authentic Power: principles, strategies & tools for achieving full human potential and the Gift of Love, volume one-what is love?

Courtney Kazembe is the founder of The Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation and Enlightenment (GIFTE); a training and coaching company which focuses on helping individuals to achieve their full potential and create an enlightened global civilization by first acknowledging and accepting their authentic selves.

Courtney Kazembe is an expert on transformational leadership and has become one of the most trusted advisors in the world of leadership. Courtney holds a law degree and has a distinguished career as a litigation attorney.

Many CEOs turn to him for advice and counsel on transformational leadership, change management and high performance in business. He is known for his dynamic, result-oriented, inspiring and hugely practical presentations that lead to positive measurable results.

In his keynote speeches and seminars, Courtney Kazembe blends a powerful delivery style with a gift for storytelling and connecting with audiences in a way that moves them to action. His sessions are rich in content that his audience can use immediately for greater success, effectiveness and confidence.

For ten years Courtney Kazembe has been one of the top Leadership speakers in the world.

Many organizations rely on Courtney Kazembe to move their teams to lead at world-class levels and perform like superstars.

His inspiring presentations offer tremendous practical tactics and ideas that create real results. And he customizes every presentation to a level that’s sure to wow you.