Happiness – Here and Now

Happiness- Here and Now

Ever since I can remember I have been concerned with what this is all about? Can one actually attain happiness in any sustainable way on this planet? Initially I thought that what it must be about is a place where every body fought and shouted at each other most of the time. A world governed by fear and negativity. It seemed to me to be a place where each person not only looked out for him or her self but was bent on destroying the other.

So I asked myself is this what it is all about or do I have to find another way?

I decided to search for another way to live. I searched everywhere and everything I could find.

My initial starting place was in the career I had chosen for myself – law. I became a lawyer in the USA, Canada, and a couple of the islands in the Caribbean – searching for happiness. In my endeavour I have never found a happy lawyer. That person just does not exist. I decided this isn’t it – I have to get out of here.

My next stop was to try religions. Happiness was in very short supply there too. I am yet to see a happy picture of Jesus. In fact of all the churches I have been to I have yet to see people truly laughing, playing, rejoicing and having a joyous time – even though Jesus kept saying “Rejoice!” “Rejoice!” – it is as if they perceive him saying that with a very somber face. Even worse, most of the churches I have been in taught fear (fear God, fear the devil, fear hell, fear sex, fear, fear, fear …). It’s as if they want you to fear everything. Which in fact is the opposite of Jesus’ teachings – the thing he said most was “fear not” – “fear ye not.” It didn’t make sense to me that we claim to be following a fearless person who teaches us to fear not – yet we live, teach and inculcate fear in every aspect of our lives.

So I continued my search and looked at other religions. And like wise, I found happiness in very short supply in all of them. I found holy people, devoted people, committed people – but happy people? – not.

So I looked at the secular world and happiness was even further away. I found addicted people, over indulgent people, crazy people, but happy? Not.

So why is happiness so elusive? Is it attainable and sustainable?

But for fleeting moments of pleasure and excitement that we experience occasionally when something outside of us gives us reason to rejoice, we never even come close to experiencing the emotion I call – happiness.

What is happiness?
Happiness is the state of being present in the moment – no past, no future, no identity, no story, no religion, no history, no philosophy, no ideology, no fear, no shoulds, no problems, no worries, no anything – just being. WOW! Who is brave enough to join me and say “I want some of that!”?

I know it is attainable and sustainable because the Buddha, the Christ and other enlightened masters who have walked amongst us have done it. And they have also shown us how to do it.

But it is not an easy road to walk for the conditioned/programmed mind. In order to walk this talk we will have to give up everything – our identity, our career, our homes, our families, our parents, our children: our lives as we know it. The ego, the conditioned mind will absolutely not allow you to do this. Even though this giving up is more of a psychological giving up than a physical giving up, most of us will never be able to do it because of how weak, afraid and invested in the illusion we are.

To choose this path, one has to wake up. Only an awakened person can be here now. Only an awakened person can be happy.

We are caught like a fish in a net but all nets have holes – find one and escape.

Be here now.
Love and light

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Courtney Kazembe

Courtney Kazembe is a spiritual teacher and transformation coach. He is the visionary founder and leader of “The Global Institute for Transformation & Enlightenment (GIFTE).” He has shared his knowledge, expertise and real-life stories with people around the world and brings to them a unique, powerful and authentic approach to human evolution, transformation, and enlightenment.

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