As we have seen so far we are unconscious most of the time. This is so even though we generally think that we posses self-consciousness, that is, that we are conscious of ourselves, or in any case that we can be conscious of ourselves, at any moment we wish, but in truth “self-consciousness” is a state which we ascribe to ourselves without any right.

    Another reason for unconsciousness is our false beliefs. Ninety-five percent of the beliefs we have stored in our minds are nothing but lies, and we have suffered because we have believed all these lies. As long as we continue to believe and live by these false beliefs we will continue to live in our unconscious awakened sleep state.

    In the dream of the planet it is normal for us to suffer, to live in fear, and to create emotional dramas. The dream of the planet is not a pleasant dream; it is a dream of violence, fear, war and injustice. While our personal dreams vary, the global dream is predominantly fear and more of a nightmare. When we take a look at the world, we see a world so difficult to live in because it is ruled by fear. All over the world we see human suffering, violence, genocide, war, terrorism, religious bigotry, fascism, racism, anger, revenge, addictions and many types of injustice. It may exist at different levels in different countries around the world but essential fear and violence is the controlling dream.

    This dream of society is analogous with the religious notion of hell. Religions say that hell is a place of fear, suffering, pain, a place where fire will burn. Fire is generated by emotions that come from fear. When we experience fear-based emotions; anger, resentment, revenge, hate, envy, jealousy, distrust and other negative emotions we experience a fire burning within us. We are essential living in the dream of hell. Religious people will tell us that if we don’t do what they say we will go to hell. Well! We are all already in hell, including the ones telling us that we will go to hell.

    What is the way out of this hell that we find ourselves in and which we seems to be so addicted to?

    All humanity is searching for truth, love, peace, happiness, joy, justice and beauty. We are on an eternal search for these principles because of the fear and the lies we have stored in our minds. We keep searching and searching, when everything is already within us. However, given the agreements, false beliefs and fears we have stored in our minds, we have no eyes for the truth. We cannot see the truth because we are blinded by the false beliefs we have stored in our minds.

    In the process of domestication we make many agreements with ourselves, with God, with our parent, with society, with our spouses, with our children and with other people. By far the most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves. In these agreements we tell ourselves who we are, what we feel, what we believe, and how to behave. The result is what we call our personality. This is what we say we are.

    If we want to live a life of consciousness, truth, love, peace, happiness, joy, justice, beauty and fulfillment we have to find the courage to break those agreements that are fear-based and claim our personal power. The agreement we make that comes from fear requires us to expend a lot of energy, while the agreements that come from love help us to conserve energy and even gain extra energy. Fear-based beliefs and agreements deplete our personal power while loved-based beliefs and agreements replenish our personal power.

    The bottom line is we need to change our beliefs and agreements from fear-based to love-based in order to experience consciousness, love, peace, happiness, joy, justice and beauty.

    With love

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