The wrong ideas we have of ourselves are the main cause of the present disharmonious state of human beings. The only way to release ourselves from this disharmonious state is by self-knowledge.

    “Know thyself” was the first and most important principles of all the old mystery systems I have investigated. These words are still branded about in contemporary speech – but to a greater extent, have lost their true meaning. We think that to know ourselves means to know our peculiarities, our desires, our tastes, our capacities, and our intentions, when in reality it means to know ourselves as machines, that is, to know the structure of one’s machine, its parts, functions of different parts, the conditioning governing their work and so on.

    Many of us don’t like to see ourselves as machines, but in our unconscious sleep state that is precisely what we are. Unless we understand this machine in all of its various forms and make up we will not be able to find the way out. We realize in a general way that we cannot know any machine without studying it. But we do not realize this in relation to ourselves. The first step therefore is to remember this is relative to ourselves and to start studying ourselves as we would study any machine.

    This method of study is self observation. There is no other way and no one can do this for us. We must do it for ourselves. Before we can do this we must learn the art and the technique of self-observation. That is, we must know that it is necessary to observe different functions and distinguish between them, remembering, at the same time, about the different states of consciousness, about our sleep state, and about the many different personalities in us.

    If we maintain this type observation for some time it will give us some interesting results. First, we will recognize that we cannot notice everything we find in ourselves, impartially. Some things will please us, annoy us, infuriate, irritate us, and even horrify us. It cannot be otherwise. We will like in ourselves, that which aids our development, and, dislike that which impedes our development. Very soon after starting this process we will be able to distinguish useful features and harmful features in ourselves. That is, useful or harmful, from the perspective of what will aid or impede our possible self-knowledge, possible awakening, and possible self-development.

    We will see sides of ourselves that can become consciousness and sides of ourselves that cannot become conscious and must be eliminated. In observing ourselves, we must always remember that this self-study is the first step towards our possible evolution.

    Today you can start with very simple steps. Notice and observe your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Notice which ones make you feel good and takes you closer to your center. Likewise notice which ones make you feel bad and takes you away from your center. Then notice that you have a choice in the matter.

    With Love and self-observation

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