Author: Courtney Kazembe

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The Way of the Mystic

Ordinarily, we live our lives from programs in the mind – norms, conventions, culture, traditions, knowledge, laws, rules, customs, protocols, education, etc. My experience is […]

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First Meet Your Own God

Everybody should first meet their own god, which is to be found in your own heart. Once you are connected with that god you will […]

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Fear vs Trust

At this level of our evolution, we build an ego/personality based on fear. This fear-based ego ironically is meant to protect us and keep us […]

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True surrender is a characteristic of highly evolved beings. It aligns itself with source energy and responsibly opens itself to the unknown. Ego, on the […]

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Drop Your Mind, Open Your Heart

We have all been taught to value the mind. From the moment we were born, people have been teaching us all types of stuff. This […]

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Judge Not!

Ordinarily, we judge everything that happens in our lives and label it as good or bad. The awakened person allows whatever happens to happen without […]

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