Our Values

The Core Values by which all those involved with GIFTE will be guided

God Realization; Love & Trust; Health & Vitality; Prosperity & Abundance; Integrity & Accountability; Contribution & Service
God Realization:
– There is only one.
– Our only true task is to align with the one.
– To perceive ourselves as separate from divine source is an error.
– GIFTE’s, your, task is to remind us who and what we are, ONE.

Love & Trust:
– Do no less for others than for ourselves.
– Accept all people as they are.
– Forgive yourself and others.
– Love yourself no matter what.
– Open your heart.

Health & Vitality:
– Take care of our physical selves first.
– Love and honor the body.
– Right eating.
– Right exercise.

Prosperity & Abundance:
– The universe is prosperous and abundant.
– Our external world will reflect our internal world.
– Deliberate effort with thoughts, emotions, words and actions.
– Deliberate Intention.
– Align with divine grace.

Integrity& Accountability:
– Be true to the principles of GIFTE.
– Honour your commitments.
– Be committed to the process.
– Be your words
– No blame, No excuses
– Be 100% responsibility for ALL of your life.
– Only open communication designed to uplift.
– No withhold of communication, No gossip.

Contribution & Service:
– This is what life and our work is all about.
– Giving and receiving is one and the same thing.
– We are all one; we are really giving to ourselves.