The Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation and Enlightenment (GIFTE) is a world leader in personal and corporate transformation education.  We offer seminars and programs that allow participants to immediately use their gifts, talents and resources to create the life and businesses they absolutely love.

Participants in our programs experience a quantum leap in their effectiveness, performance and happiness. They emerge as leaders of their own lives, and operate at a very high level of power, passion, purpose, peace and prosperity.  They excel.

The work of GIFTE started in 2006 and thousands of people worldwide have participated in our programs. We currently offer our programs in the Caribbean, North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. GIFTE was founded by Courtney Kazembe, Author, transformational Coach and Lawyer. Our Head Quarters is in Kingston, Jamaica.


Unlike traditional education that focuses directly on changing the content (what you have/don’t have) of your life or business, the programs of GIFTE focuses on the Context, i.e.,  the beliefs, paradigms, consciousness or culture that gives the results of your life or business. We go to the heart or core of the human being or business. The impact is a radical shift and sustainability in your results.

Our programs are designed and packaged for Personal Transformation and Corporate Transformation. Our seminars are designed to inspire and activate.

Personal Transformation Programs:  Designed to have you gain mastery over your life and world. You pursue you goals and dreams with passion, power, authenticity, freedom and joy. Our core personal transformation programs include:

  1. Unleashing Prosperity  –  Enjoying your birthright to prosper
  2. The Awakening – Unleash the Love & Power Within!
  3. The Clearing – Experience Ultimate Freedom
  4. The Connection – Divine Oneness

Corporate Transformation Programs: Designed to create high performance cultures, renewable enterprises, and sustainable profits. Our core corporate programs are:

  1. Conscious Leadership
  2. Authentic Communication
  3. Peak Sales Performance

GIFTE Seminars: These are powerful short courses which, energize, inspire and activate participants. They stimulate new insights and create new worlds of possibilities that turn people’s life around.  Our main seminars are:

  1. The Gift of Prosperity!
  2. The Audacity to Succeed!
  3. The Buck Stops Here!
  4. Yes you can!
  5. Dare to be Brilliant!
  6. Escape Reality – Live Your Dream!


Our facilitators and coaches are the best in the world. They are people who have surrendered to their divine source and allow the grace, gifts and wisdom of the universe to flow through them. They love, and stand for the divinity of every human being. They are extensively and rigorously trained in the distinctions of freedom, transformation & enlightenment.


  • Experience prosperity and abundance in your daily life.
  • Attain wholeness and wellness in your physical and emotional body.
  • Achieve a state of peace, love and unity.
  • Experience extraordinary improvements in your relationships.
  • Be a powerful leader of your own life, your family, and community.
  • Become a magnet for good and success.
  • Having the courage to live your authentic life.

People who are committed to more happiness, prosperity, freedom, success and personal effectiveness in life find the GIFTE programs of immeasurable value.

Our Offices:
84 Lady Musgrave Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica
Tele (876) 946 1360-1
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Email: [email protected]