What does it mean that in the way of evolution and transformation an individual must become a different being? And why cannot all individuals develop and become different beings?The answer to the second part of the question is actually very simple. It is because they do not want it. Because they do not know about it and will not understand without a long preparation what it means, even if they are told.

    The chief idea is that in order for an individual to become a different being he or she must want it very badly and for a very long time. A passing desire or a vague desire based on dissatisfaction with external conditions will not create a sufficient impulse.

    The evolution and transformation of human beings depends on our understanding of what he may get and what he must give for it. If individuals do not want it strongly enough, and do not make necessary efforts, he or she will never develop, evolve or transform.

    Now, what exactly does a different being means? In becoming a different being, individuals must acquire many new faculties, qualities and powers that he or she does not possess. But, even more importantly, before acquiring any new faculties, qualities or powers which the individual does not know and does not possess, he or she must first acquire faculties, qualities and powers, he or she does not posses but falsely believes that he or she does. That is, he falsely thinks that he knows them and can use and control them.

    In order for us to understand this better we must begin with our general understanding about ourselves. And here lies the very important fact: “Man does not know himself.” “Man know thyself” is one of the oldest and most revered phases in metaphysical studies. We do not know our limitations and our own possibilities. We do not even know how great an extent we do not know ourselves.

    The first thing that we must understand about ourselves is that in our normal state we are actually machines. This means that we have no independent movements, inside or outside of ourselves. We are machines which are brought into motion by external influences and external impacts. All our movement, actions, words, emotions, thoughts, moods, ideas are produces by external influences. In our ordinary state we are simply on automaton with certain store memories of previous experiences, and certain amounts of reserve energy. However, human beings are a very peculiar machine which, in right circumstance, and with right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and, having fully realized this, we may find the way to cease to be a machine.

    The second thing to understand is that, in our normal state, we are not one, we are many. We do not have one permanent and unchangeable “I” or Ego. We are always different. One moment we are this, another moment we are another, the third moment we are a third and so on. Yet, we falsely belief that we are a permanent one, when in fact we are a multiplicity of different personalities and egos.

    Before we can acquire new powers and capacities, we must first develop in ourselves those qualities which we think we possess, and about which we have the greatest possible illusion. These qualities are the capacity to act independently, in unity, one permanent ego, consciousness and will. It is very important for us to know this; for as long as we erroneously believe that we have them we will not make the effort and take the necessary steps to acquire them.

    The most important and the most misleading of these faculties is consciousness. The change in human beings only begins with the change in our understanding of the meaning of consciousness and after that with our gradual acquiring command over it.

    Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on the question: “What exactly is consciousness and why it is so important and illusive?”

    With love and consciousness

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